Friday, August 5, 2011

Blah, blah

The kids are obsessed with climbing on the couch. Ezra is apparently
very bored here though.

Hanging out at dads show.

Another one of there favorite things to do.
They are extremely active little kiddos these days. We've all
loved having Tyler home this Summer and I'm already dreading
his return to work. Not sure how i'm going to manage the park by myself
with them. They drive me crazy but I love them to death.

Friday, April 22, 2011

5x7 Folded Card

Happy Grandma Collage Mother's Day 5x7 folded card
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Please come soon Spring!

I haven't updated this blog in awhile and the kids are sort of napping right now and by sort of I mean they are in their beds but I can still hear them talking. Anyway I thought it was a good time to put down some words for once on this thing.

It's been quite a long winter this year and I've had the winter blues lately, feeling lonely trapped in my house all day. Last winter was harder in many ways, namely not getting any sleep, feeling so out of shape that I couldn't even sweep the floor without getting tired and just not having any other time to do anything but take care of twins. I've had a little more time this winter to workout and keep the house up, but I've kind of been a hermit in my own home. Honestly there are times when I don't even walk out of my house for days. I know that I need to find some hobbies so that I don't end up feeling this way every winter but I'm the kind of person who gets really into something for a little while and then gets bored and moves on to something else never really getting great at anything. Ezra and Zoe got RSV a couple weeks ago and that was quite a challenge. The only thing that I really enjoyed through it all was that fact that Ezra wanted to cuddle all day. There is something about a little one resting their head on your shoulder that just makes you feel so special. I'm glad we are past that and hoping we can avoid any more sickness through Spring. I don't normally complain on this blog but I just figured that someday I can look back on this and appreciate all the things I learned from being a mom.

Since I've been cooped up most of the winter I've gotten kind of addicted to certain t.v. shows. Don't make fun but recently it's been 'Vampire Diaries' and I just finished the fourth season of 'Friday Night Lights'. I loved Friday Night Lights! I thought it was all about football so I was never really interested but there is actually lots drama and romance, which I can never get enough of on television:) The first four seasons are on Netflix so my poor laptop has gotten a workout the past few weeks. See what I mean though, I need hobbies other than getting SO into a television show that I forget about my own life.

I started a new workout recently that I've been able to stick to for the past few weeks. Tyler and I order the Power 90 workout videos and I'm going to do it for the 90 days and then hopefully be in good enough shape to do P90X. We shall see....

I haven't loaded any of the new photos I've taken of the kids yet so no photos this time but soon perhaps. It's a lot harder to take pictures of them lately because they won't sit still unless they are eating or sleeping.

Sorry about all of the complaining on this post, and happy soon to be Spring everyone!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!

Grandma Bobbie gave them these animals. I can't believe they
didn't notice and just kept them on. So cute!

Not into it!

I covered these party hats in hot pink and blue felt.
I just wish they would have kept them on.

The food.

He loved it!

Ezra was such a ham for everyone watching. I was so surprised
cause he screams whenever he's held by anyone but me or Tyler. (and uncle Andy)

The twins had their first birthday on the 14th of January, so we threw a party on the 15th to celebrate. I can't believe it's already been a year since these two joined us. It was such a scary time a year ago not knowing if they were going to be okay coming over five weeks early. They are happy healthy 1 year olds and I'm sooo stinkin grateful that they made it to us. We are so blessed to have them and I love them to death. I never thought I would be such a teary eyed mom, but just writing this I'm getting a bit watery eyed thinking about them and what it took to get them here safely. I would go through all the bed rest again to have them here. Thanks to everyone who helped us make it through the first year. There were a lot of tears and not just from from the twins:)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my parents house this year and we really enjoyed spending so much time with family. Christmas morning last year I went into early labor and Tyler and I ended up spending Christmas day along with many weeks to come in the hospital till the babies came, so this year was much more enjoyable although not exactly relaxing. The twins still have a hard time sleeping anywhere but home and Zoe had an ear infection that was making her pretty upset. I still managed to get some cute pics (with the help of Adam) of the kids. Ezra and Zoe didn't have a clue what was going on Christmas morning but it was still fun to pretend they did. They ended up liking ribbons and ornaments on my moms tree much more than any of the presents. We also spent time at Tyler's grandparents and his parents house on Christmas, so we had quite an eventful day and by the time we got home we all crashed and the kids (thankfully) slept great!
My brother Adam came home to visit and it's been three years since we've seen him, so it's been so nice to catch up and show off his new niece and nephew. He treated all the siblings and spouses to a 3D movie (Tron) and dinner last night. I just wish he could stay longer!
We also got to talk to Alex on Christmas morning! It made me miss him! I can't believe it's already been a year though. Just one more to go before he gets home and meets the newest members of the family.
The holidays have been great this year and we've so grateful to have wonderful family to spend them with. It's been quite a year for Tyler and I, so many changes but so many blessings. I'm so thankful our babies made it here safely, they are the best thing that's ever happened to us!
Ezra trying to make a big decision
I love his winter sweater, he looks
so plump and cute!

This girl is either WAY happy or WAY sad.
Christmas Eve she was mostly sad because of an
ear infection. We'll just pretend she was this happy all night.

Grandma Bobbie gave them these super cute little walker/bikes

Despite Tyler's best efforts to keep them out of these costume
I managed to get a few more pictures of them. (Ezra grew quite a
bit since Halloween and didn't fit in the red and white undershirt:)

Merry Christmas to you all!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


The Putnam families going for movie themes this year.
Poor Zoe wasn't loving her costume.

My fam just missing Adam and Alex.

Buddy the Elf, Jovi Elf and their little baby elves.

Our Halloween party was a success this year. We had yummy soup and all sorts of good eats and enjoyed hanging out with family. We're going to try to expand this party next year and invite more people and have more activities. Thanks to my mom for bringing all sorts of good stuff and helping out with the kiddos ALL night. Thanks mom. I guess it's time to get ready for the next holiday... CHIRSTMAS! oh wait I forgot about THANKSGIVING!! Poor Thanksgiving gets overshadowed by Christmas. Hooray for Thanksgiving coming up soon!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I love this picture. The kids were not happy this day and
my mom was trying to help out while I took senior pics of my sister.

Playing in grandmas pretty yard.

Fall is the perfect season. Not too hot, not too cold (except recently in Utah), the colors make it beautiful, you can start wearing cozy sweaters and jackets, it smells good outside especially on Halloween, and you can buy candy in very large bags at the store! I just wish it lasted till the end of November and then winter can start December 1st and only last till February 1st. I am looking forward to this Christmas season, though, it will be the first Christmas that Tyler and I aren't working at the Post Office, which is very nice. Although there are a few things that I actually will miss about that. The extra money for starters, beautiful Park City and of course shopping at the Outlets. Oh well this year I want to spend as much time with family as possible and perhaps make some new traditions with our two new additions this year. It will be the first Christmas for the twins, and even though they won't remember it or even be able to get excited about much of it I still can't wait. I'm not going to say what our family is going to be for Halloween this year but I will post pictures soon. A little hint though we'll be able to use them again for Christmas! We are having a little costume party this Friday with mostly family (although any friends who read this you are welcome to come). We had a little one last year and ate soup and bread bowls so we are keeping up the tradition this year.

The babies are sick right now and it's been a struggle for everyone. I hate when something like this is out of my control and my babies are just miserable. I took them to the doctor yesterday and no ear infections, or anything too serious but the doctor still wrote a prescription for antibiotics. Am I weird for not wanting to give them those unless we know for sure there is an infection?? I think docs over do it with just giving those out. Hopefully I'm not being a bad momma, but I'm going to give them a couple more days and see if they improve before I resort to that. They are both crawling now although in very different ways. Ezra is an Army crawler and I don't think he's ever going to figure out the faster way to get around, and Zoe is the traditional knee crawler. They switched places recently and Ezra is now the harder of the two. He is so needy (wonder who he got that from), he starts crying when I hold Zoe, or even change her diaper. At first it was sort of cute but now it's just annoying and exhausting for me. Zoe is pretty content to just play on her own and she's it a little more easily entertained. They both really want to explore every corner of the house and get into everything, which I know is a good thing developmentally but it becomes a lot more work for me. Don't get me wrong though these two bring me so much joy and fun and I feel so much more fulfilled now, but there are definitely days where I really sleeping in, or just relaxing when I'm not feeling good.

Wrap it up Alyssa....Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!